How to make money on Formula 1: secrets and important nuances of the queen of motorsports

How to make money on Formula 1: secrets and important nuances of the queen of motorsports

Auto racing has a lot of secrets, but nothing is impossible… Formula 1 is the most famous and most popular racing series, it is also called the Queen of motorsports. Here turn a lot of money: the championship and the teams are always attracting major sponsors. Do not remain in debt and bookmakers: Formula 1 is quite popular with bettors. But how to bet on races so as to win? There are a number of features worth paying attention to. This is what we will talk about.

General information about Formula 1

The Formula 1 season starts at the beginning of spring and lasts until late fall. The number of races in the calendar is not constant, but there are more than 20 of them and every year there is a tendency to increase the number of stages. The most famous tracks are Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, Monza in Italy and, of course, the circuit in Monaco. These autodromes are untouchable, they can be called classic.

With some stretch, you can include Silverstone in England. Other autodromes periodically appear and disappear from the calendar. It happens that the Grand Prix of a country in different years is held on different race tracks.

Each round of the Formula 1 championship consists of three sessions of free racing. In fact, this is a training session during which the pilots remember the track and select the settings for the sessions. On Saturday, qualifying is held, during these races, the pilots get a position on the starting grid on Sunday.

It is on this day of the race. According to its results, the top 10 drivers get points. In Formula 1, there is an individual ranking, as well as the team, also known as the Constructors’ Cup.

The number of teams in Formula 1 is not constant, in recent years, it ranges from 9 to 11. Each team puts on the start of two cars. In this case, each team constructs its own car, but the engine suppliers are only four. In addition, a number of teams buy some components from stronger rivals.

Due to the fact that all cars are different, the role of technology in this championship is very important. The skill of the pilot is not so much in the background, but it is noticeably less important than in the mono-series. The circle of favorites in F1 is limited.

All tracks of the championship of Formula 1 can be divided by speed. There are autodromes, which are dominated by slow turns, which means the important brakes and aerodynamics. There are high-speed tracks, here an important role will play the engine power and downforce. There is also something in between: autodromes, where there are both fast and slow sections. Here the advantage will be well-balanced cars. There is no limit to perfection in Formula 1: the designers of the champion cars here are no less valuable than the drivers-champions.

Types of bets on Formula 1

Compared with other racing championships, the betting line on Formula 1 is striking in its variety. For convenience, all types of bets on this championship can be divided into three large groups: bets on the season results, bets on qualifying, and bets on the race. On the first group there is no sense to stop in detail: it is a long-term bet on the winner of the championship and on the owner of the Cup of Constructors. Let’s talk more about the other two sections.

Bets on qualification. First, of course, you can bet on the winner of qualification. That is the person who will start in the race from the first position, or, speaking the racing jargon, from the pole position. Secondly, bookmakers offer the market “who’s higher”, offering to guess who of a pair of pilots will be better on Saturday. In the vast majority of cases, the pairs are teammates. That is, riders who have about the same technique. Approximately, because Formula 1 is a competitive sport, and even with teammates can be different in terms of settings of cars. Each driver has his own engineering team. With the same basic principles, the speed may be different. But you should pay more attention to the skill of the pilot and his success in qualifying. It is a separate racing art.

Betting on the race. Here the line is wider. Of course, there is a classic option with the winner of the race. As in qualifying, you can bet on the comparison of the two pilots. The winner is the racer who happens to be higher in the final classification. And there is a trick here: if one pilot will come off the course, it will be enough for the other one just to reach it for your bet to win. But if they both get off, the bet will be calculated as a refund.

In addition, you can bet on what place the rider will take in the final classification: the winner of the race, a place in the top three, a place in the top six, top ten and so on. Some betting companies offer bets on the racers’ relegation. More precisely, whether the pilot will get into the final classification. Please note: if the driver got off in the last 10% of the course, he will still be classified after those pilots who finished.

There are more exotic options: for example, on whether a safety car appears on the track: a safe car. Back in the early noughties, this was almost a win-win bet, with almost every accident on the track causing a safety car to appear. But technologies do not stand still, there appeared a virtual safe-car mode (VSC), and now we see the car much less often.

However, on narrow tracks, this rate is still attractive, there is simply no way to quickly evacuate a wrecked car or its wreckage.

Features of Formula 1 betting

How to make money on Formula 1: secrets and important nuances of the queen of motorsports

Actually Formula 1 is a very complicated sport for betting. Here everything is decided not even by tenths or hundredths, but by thousandths of a second. And there are many factors: weather, machinery, track condition, accidents, the strategy of pit stops. On the pilot depends a lot, but not everything.

That is why we recommend to practice betting on Formula 1 on a virtual account first, and then switch to real money. In addition, it is better to play at odds above 2.00. As practice shows, it is more profitable.

If you are making bets before the qualification, it is better to consider additional options such as the appearance of a pace car on the track or the total of descended pilots. Betting on the performance of the pilot in the race at this point is a big risk. Breakdown, traffic on the track, or violation of the rules can lead to the fact that he will have to start from a low position, where it is difficult to break through.

But if you make bets already after qualifying, the option of a good pilot in a strong car, which was unlucky on Saturday is excellent. There is a high probability that the rider will break through to the top, and the odds after his failure in qualifying will be high. However, always pay attention to the track where the stage takes place. If it is Monaco, where overtaking is extremely difficult, it is better not to take such bets.

Formula 1 is an amazingly complex but interesting sport. If you study it thoroughly, betting on races can bring a lot of fun. We wish you good luck!

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